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The National Burns Memorial Homes
We are dedicated to maintaining the long tradition and history of the homes in the town of Mauchline, Ayrshire.
Read about the rich history of the homes and the connection with Scotland's national bard, Robert Burns and you can donate to the charity here. 
When in 1895 the Glasgow Mauchline Society decided to erect a memorial to the national bard, there was no doubt that the land available within walking distance of Mossgiel Farm would be chosen. The location where so many important occasions of his life took place could be the only choice.

But these gentlemen saw more than a piece of land - they saw more than a memorial tower, museum and five houses. For them this was an opportunity to provide safe and secure accommodation for those whose working days in the rural environment had come to an end.

No alms houses these, but a living memorial to a great man.

Today, at The Burns Homes people look out on the same landscape of Burns' time, the village and its surroundings are full of the scenes he wrote about. No other memorial reflects the spirit of Robert Burns in this unique way.

The Trustees aim to maintain the living memorial to Robert Burns by providing accommodation and facilities appropriate for our elderly residents.

The Trust considers the provision of independence to the cottagers to be of paramount importance.

Mrs Jean Martin

Vice President
Alastair Campbell

George Ross

Gavin H Barrie.
Lord Strathclyde.
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